Jeffrey Eugenio is a writer, motion graphic designer, artist, video editor and entrepreneur. He is currently a member of WritersConnect International – Philippine chapter. He loves doing a lot of things especially one that drives his creative passion. He believes that using himself to the greater good of others gives purpose and meaning to his life. As of now, he self-studies film making believing that as time allows, there should always be a room for exploring possibilities of learning more.

Why ‘Knight’s Journal’?

In literary, a knight is a man dedicated to the service of his lord or a cause. This dedication inspires the author of this blog titled “Knight’s Journal” to write some events or stories with a cause or advocacy despite the possible troubles that he may encounter. Reality wise, there are some stories happening everywhere that are not paid attention to and little voices not heard. As time allows and if God wills, the author of this blog attempts to relay such stories, hard or soft issues, in a journalistic way possible.

To God be the glory!

  1. Hello there! I’d like to compliment your blog and at the same time, pose an enquiry.

    Upon chancing upon your blogger’s profile, I saw that you’re a member of WritersConnect International. I, in the blink of an eyes, became utterly interested in gaining pieces of information on how to join such an organisation (if possible). I have not yet published articles for mainstream media, (i.e., newspapers, books) inasmuch as I’m mostly into blogging my thoughts. However, I do maintain a poetry website as part of network of self-hosted blogs and I plan to venture into more literary writing across genres soon, God willing.

    I shall anticipate any reply you may proffer regarding this query of mine. Thanks be to God and Happy PNK for this month! 🙂

  2. Thanks be to God for your feedback. About your inquiry, may I know who am I talking to?

  3. You can also contact me through Facebook if you have one: https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.eugenio37.

  4. Hello! Good day. I have received your reply, and my apologies if I haven’t replied at once. I’ll take note of your Facebook address and pose my enquiry there. By the way, I’m Shirley Monreal from Laguna.

    Thanks be to God!

  5. Nice meeting, Ms. Shirley. I sent you a message on Facebook. Kindly check your inbox.

  6. Jeff,
    I created an index blog site promoting informative and educational websites. I have selected your blog as one of them .Thank you .


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