Gabriela: GMA 7’s news about Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo case, misleading and malicious

MANILA, PhilippinesIn the long run of Vhong Navarro versus Deniece Cornejo-Cedric Lee case, GMA 7 earned a streak of strikes from netizens due to the network’s allegedly biased reporting in favor of Cornejo’s side. Now, Gabriela Women’s Party joins the slapping series when GMA 7’s news reports allegedly used the women’s right sectoral group’s statement in a “deliberately misleading and malicious” way.

Atty. Alnie G. Foja, Gabriela’s Director for Legal Affairs, brought to Facebook her disappointment over a January 30 GMA News report by Sandra Aguinaldo on 24 Oras (24 Hours) titled “Gabriela, nanawagan na unawain at huwag agad husgahan si Deniece Cornejo” (Gabriela pleaded [to the public] to understand Deniece Cornejo and suspend judgement first) and an online article published on GMA News Online, the network’s news portal site, titled “Gabriela Women’s Party expresses support for Cornejo.”

GMA News 24 Oras malicious and misleading report according to Gabriela

GMA 7′s 24 Oras reports that Gabriela Women’s Party expresses support to Deniece Cornejo, Vhong Navarro’s alleged rape victim. However, Atty. Alnie G. Foja, legal counsel of the women’s right sectoral group, vehemently denied the said claim saying the news was deliberately malicious and misleading. (Screen grab from 24 Oras YouTube video).

In the reports, GMA News purported that Gabriela expresses support to the starlet Cornejo who accused TV host Navarro of rape.

Here is the open letter of Atty. Foja posted on her Facebook personal account.

Atty. Alnie Foja's open letter against GMA News malicious and misleading report

Gabriela Atty. Alnie G. Fojas airs her grievances over GMA News ‘malicious and misleading’ report purporting that Gabriela issued a statement of support for Deniece Cornejo. (Screen shot from Atty. Foja’s Facebook personal account)

Here is the allegedly malicious and misleading report of GMA 7’s 24 Oras.

Meanwhile, GMA News Online pulled out the online article written by Elizabeth Marcelo. In spite of that, the article can be retrieved from its caché and can be viewed here.

Rape angle

In a sworn statement made by Navarro to National Bureau of Investigation against Cornejo, businessman Cedric Lee, main suspect for Navarro’s mauling, and his cohorts, Navarro stated that Lee’s group blackmailed him saying that they will release a video of Navarro confessing rape to Cornejo, which video Lee’s group also took, and a police blotter incriminating the actor on a rape charge unless he will give Lee’s group an agreed amount of two million pesos. An alias Mike said, according to Navarro’s affidavit, “Walang video, walang blotter, walang media. Basta ibigay mo ang pera na hinihingi.” (No video, no blotter, no media – as long as you will give us the amount asked.)

Portion of Vhong Navarro's affidavit (edited)

An alias Mike promises Vhong Navarro that Cedric Lee’s group will forfeit releasing an obscene video of Navarro and a police blotter compromising the actor’s career should he gives the agreed P2M amount of money. (Photo credit:

Navarro failed to give Lee’s demand, which he instructed Navarro to deposit on a given bank account. Incidentally, GMA News, the first media outlet to do so, aired the alleged rape angle and police blotter against Navarro on January 26 which then sparked the ire of netizens, particularly Navarro’s supporters.

GMA News declining integrity?

This is not the first time that the ‘Kapuso’ network was bashed for being allegedly partisan in delivering news. On January 26, the hashtag #GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork appeared in the Twitter trending topics, together with other related topics such as ‘Walang Kinikilingan’ (no inclination), Cedric Lee, and Denise Millet Cornejo due to the allegedly ‘biased reporting’ of the giant TV network.

GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork - trending on Twitter

The hashtag #GMAPhilippinesWorstNetwork becomes an overnight trending topic on Twitter, January 26, 2014, when a police blotter appeared on GMA emphasizing an alleged rape attempt by actor Vhong Navarro. Netizens cry foul over alleged ‘biased reporting.’ (Screen shot from Twitter)

Similarly, on January 28, netizens, particularly Navarro’s supporters, criticized GMA News executive Jessica Soho for allegedly undermining the significance of CCTV footage in the Forbeswood Heights condominium incident.

Another was morning show Unang Hirit host Arnold Clavio’s allegedly inclining with Cornejo-Lee’s lawyer over Navarro’s in an interview on January 31. Netizens reacted when, according to them, Clavio had been interrupting Navarro’s lawyer while explaining his case. The incident was apart from Clavio’s rude interview with the lawyer of suspected ‘pork scam mastermind’ Janette Lim Napoles,’ ‘racist remarks’ against Philippine football team Azkals and ‘irresponsible reporting’ against international preacher Eliseo Soriano in a 2009 Case Unclosed episode titled “Paninirang-Puri.”


About Jeffrey Eugenio

Jeffrey Eugenio is a writer, motion graphic designer, artist, video editor and entrepreneur. He is currently a member of WritersConnect International - Philippine chapter. He loves doing a lot of things especially one that drives his creative passion. He believes that using himself to the greater good of others gives purpose and meaning to his life. As of now, he self-studies film making believing that as time allows, there should always be a room for exploring possibilities of learning more.

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  1. GMA 7 really stands on its streak as the worst network, not even thinking twice of making statements that is not even said in the interview.

    • Pwede ba, I would rather watch GMA than ABS. ABS is more profit oriented and greatest imitator of GMA’s shows.

  2. We can now witness how social media has turned many Filipinos into vigilant watchers of the media. Big networks are no longer the untouchable elite sector.

    And if necessary – for change to really happen in the mainstream media landscape – this is very welcome.

    While there’s still time, I hope that GMA-7 will reform because it’s never too late. It can do so first by issuing public apologies.

    Because the problem with GMA Network is it’s PRIDE. It never oblige itself accountable and responsible for its report.

    If it really adheres to its tenet of “Serbisyong Totoo” then it will do the necessary steps to correct its erroneous and false reportings.

    Unfortunately for GMA, it just keeps repeating the mistakes because the station’s “Serbisyong Totoo” is only lip service. It’s never really where it’s heart is.

  3. I am a father of two kids…and if there is someone trying to derail my kids reputation…surely he will face my judgement…If this friends of this girl who is being toyed by a maniac and ruthless and monster mr.suave…pwe… did such a thing How much more will a father will do to him in knowing what he did by making oral sex…I will surely butchered him to death.Surprisingly….He slipped away.

    • Tagalog na lang sir, halata naman na hirap ka sa proper english grammar.

    • A father is naturally protective to his kids, no question about that. But in the case of Vhong vs Deniece incident, our court has more to say on that about who’s telling the truth. Yet of course, we are free to discern.

      Right now, we can help by observing how giant networks deliver news and smell their biases. Then, make them feel that we, the audience, deserve more intellectual type of coverage than a handful of brouhaha.

    • Si Rafael Silva malamang friends nila Cedric Lee, bulag sa katotohanan! Lol. Open your eyes! Haven’t you seem the CCTV released by NBI? Nandito nga ako sa America, napanood ko! The truth will set them free! Kaya ang daming corrupt sa Pinas dahil kahit alam na ung totoo, bayaran lang wala ng hustisya. Milyonaryo at marami pa nmang kakilala yan c Cedric Lee sa Gobyerno! Hay naku.

    • Well, its understandable that u wud react that way as a father, but in this case its different,because theres no rape , and the girl in question is an escort… she did this on purpose..cctv and the inconsistencies of her statements says it all..

    • tsk tsk…. ok ka lng nuod nuod din ng news pag may time ha!!!

    • what if ikaw and tatay ni Vhong rafael Silva?kita mu yong anak mo na durog na durog ang mukha?

  4. Sir ikaw ba ay nanonood ng news or nagandahan ka lang kay Deniese kaya ka nagcomment dito? If naniniwala kang rape yun eh goodluck sayo.

  5. Sir klaro naman na nasa panig kanang GMA pero gamitin mo utak mo mr.rafael silva..di ako kapuso hindi din ako kapamilya pero pareho akong nanood sa mga balita nila.ovious naman sir rafael kitang kitang naman sa cctv at di nag sisinungaling may ano naman tayo sir yung tinatawag nating discern.halata naman na nagsinungaling yung cornejo at lee di moba napansin sir rafael.hindi kaba nanood nang balita..o nilabanan mo lang yung pride mo at naging dahilan nang pagka bobo..hehe sorry po ang tinamaan sinadya..

  6. Sir Silva, question po… if nangyari nga dn po b sa anak nyo yung ganitong issue, ndi din po ba kau magpapakita s mga hearings at interviews ng anak nyo? Sa side po kc ni Deniece no one wants to show support. Lahat gusto ng privacy. D b sa mga panahong ganito dapat suportahan yung biktima? Kasi ako po Im a mother, pag may nang away sa anak ko or kahit ano na naagrabyado ang anak ko hindi ko po pwedeng baliwalain yun… ganun ko kamahal ang mga anak ko. If i know n dehado ang anak ko kahit na mali pa sya I will show support…

  7. Rafael Silva, baka naman kabarkada mo yung mga nambugbog kay vhong.. isa kadin kasing bias and di nag iisip.. o di kaya kasabwat ka dun and para kang yung ate ni cedric lee na nagteteleport papuntang 2nd floor kaya di ka nakita sa cctv.

  8. And tama si sir Patrick Stur, magtagalog ka nalang Rafael Silva para naman di kahiyahiya. Di kana nga nag iisip sablay pa english mo.. wawa ka naman.

  9. I think what Rafael Silva meant was if Cornejo is really telling the truth, as a father he won’t have second thoughts to find justice for his daughter. Ako man magulang malamang nag-amok ako sa TV kung nirape ang anak ko. Kaso bakit wala man lang humaharap at nagtatanggol na kapamilya ni Cornejo? Bakit no comment lang sila?

  10. The problem with GMA is that it already reached its august status, why waddle in the mud now? Just so it can into a fight with ABS-CBN?

  11. Walang sumuporta kahit pamilya nya kasi alam nila nagsisinungaling si Cornejo.. Magmumukha pa silang kahiya hiya kung pati sila sumabay sa kalokohan ng anak nila na gawa gawa kwento wala naman kwenta…ang point e gusto nilang kikilan si vhong kaso mga hindi nag-iisip kaya sablay ang plano kaya sa kulungan nalang sila umarte baka sakali dun mahasa ang talento nila lalo yang si cornejo may paiyak iyak syang nalalaman wala namang luha..

  12. Kung susuriing mabuti, “parenting issues” ang puno’t-dulo ng kwentong ito. Meron nga bang tamang pagpapalaki ng mga magulang at mga anak? At paano ba ito nagaganap? Sa totoo lng ay nakakasawa na ang balita but apart from rape, extortion, network wars, and news reporting biases, eh values formation ang lumalabas na major problem ng lipunan natin ngayon.. Nakakalungkot pero sana mapagtuunan natin ito ng pansin. Challenge talagang mging magulang. Let us pray for all the parents.
    And tama, matalino na ang mga tao ngayon, kaya sana magamit ang katalinuhan na yan para mapaunlad ang mga buhay ng lahat.
    High five jeffrey eugenio, thank you for sharing, thank God for writers like you!
    May we all stay positive sa kabila ng lahat. God bless us all!

  13. Pa comment lng mga sir. Kitang kita na sa cctv na hndi naabutan ni lee c vhong at cornejo sa kwarto na magkapatong. Pero sabi nya sa interview naabutan daw ni lee. Sino ang sinungaling? Ung cctv? Anu ang patunay nla lee? Ang gumawa ng storya na walang ibidensya? Madali magsalita wala nga lang sa mukha.

  14. Malamang si Rafael Silva Ay friends nila Cedric Lee! Nabubulagan ng katotohanan. The truth will set us all free!

  15. zzzzzz… expected naman talaga competition ng GMA at ABS-CBN. sige lang, basta makamit ang #justiceforvhongnavarro. bakit ba kasi may “h” pa sa vhong, eh.

  16. Mr Silva itanong mo yan sa blush on ni Deniece Conejo…

  17. IceGirlRaikkonen

    Itanong mo sa blush on ni Deniece Conejo

  18. simple lang yan kasi ang lolo ni deniece ay dating may position sa gma kaya close sila ni gozon malamang kaya ganon na lang sila kung magreport alam na!… pero they don’t realize na hindi nagsisinungaling ang cctv and iba pang ebidensya… di ba talaga narealize? or nagtatanga tangahan lang.!!! hmm kayo na magjudge anyways matindi pa rin ang power ng power ng public opinion sa issue which is 99% pabor kay vhong obvious naman kasi…

  19. Excuse lang Mr.Silva before you judge Vhong Navarro make sure u know all the facts. The CCTV and ung mga testigo, we are not after if ur father of two child ang mabuti eh palakihin mo na lang sila ng tama ng hindi magaya sa sinapit ni Deniece .

    • ikaw ba siguradong alam mo ang totoong nangyari? bakit , nandon ka sa condo ng time na yun??? neutral lang po tayo kasi hindi natin alam kung sino nagsinungaling at kung sino din nagsasabi ng totoo..ang cctv pwedi tampered yan, ma tamper nga ang mukha, oras pa kaya??

  20. “sana matapos na lahat ito…sana lumabas na ang katotohanan..very interesting ang bawat balita…”

  21. “sana matapos na lahat ito…sana lumabas na ang katotohanan..very interesting ang bawat balita…”justice for mr. Navarro..

  22. this is disappointing… Atty Foja said above that they regret being dragged to this mess… Shouldn’t they actually be looking at this? Should they have to be consulted before they provide they’re opinion on this? I really think they should be stepping up to gather information for them to provide an opinion on this. Clearly there’s a woman who claims she’s raped and she’s clearly being cyber-bullied. She may be lying but Gabriela dont know that for sure. They should act up. What if hindi pala sya nagsisinungaling? just what if.

  23. kung bias din lang, mas maraming beses na nagpakitang bias ang ABS-CBN noon pa kumpara sa GMA. Lalo na kapag ang involved eh kompanya o negosyo ng mga Lopez. Just remember kung gaano “kanipis” ang reporting ng ABS tungkol sa West Tower condominium (na nadiskaril ng busted pipeline ng Lopez owned FGen), at yung landslide that killed 12 people sa EDC geothermal plant sa Southern Leyte (EDC is Lopez owned). Syempre poprotektahan nila si Vhong, asset nila eh.

  24. Ito pa ha hindi naman pala talaga si Deniece ang totoong nagrerent sa condo kungdi isang Malaysian national pinahiram lang daw sa kanya ang condo. Ito ba yong bayad sa serbisyo ni Deniece sa Malaysian national na ito.

  25. Gabriella kayo na lang lagi…you are trying to depend that bitch deniece cornejo stupida..
    although there such an evidence, but attorney can turn the black into white…magkano ba ang binayad sayo nina cedric and deniece?

  26. ang masasabi ko dito sa nangyari kay vhong and lee was selos to vhong , ang mali lang ni lee naka CCTV talagang aminin man nila oh ipilit na ang ginawa nila ay tama,sa bandang huli,hindi magwawagi yong drama nila,imagine kong na rape ka nga daw oh no scratch,malinaw dito set up ang ginawa ni lee at cornejo,ang isang tao pag ng rape make sure na walang makakarinig totally close lahat eh the door was unlock,jesus cries ano pumasok sa isip mo cedrick what eve,kalabus kayo ngayon ng grupo mo cheers guys

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