GMA-7’s ‘Eat Bulaga,’ ‘The Borrowed Wife’ irk nurses group, call center agents for ‘degrading portrayals’

MANILA, Philippines – Within a span of two days this week, two GMA-7 Kapuso programs reaped immediate and serious complaints: first, from the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) for ‘Eat Bulaga’s’ (EB) allegedly offending dance number; and, second, from podcast program titled ‘The Call Center Show’ (TCCS) for GMA-7’s ‘The Borrowed Wife’s’ allegedly degrading statements towards call center agents.

The PNA, headed by President Roger Tong-an, has filed a complaint over EB before the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) last Monday. Meanwhile, TCCS program runner JM Cruz expressed shock and indignation towards TBW’s writers and producers portrayal of call center agents and published his dismay on and other social media platforms.

Sexualized dancing nurses?

Eat Bulaga's skimpy nurses

(L-R) Ryza Cenon, Pauleen Luna and LJ
Reyes dance number in Eat Bulaga last January 18 earns criticism from the Philippine Nurses Association or PNA. PNA condemns the improper use of nurses uniform and cap during the dance segment. (Photo credit: Eat Bulaga’s Facebook Page)

The PNA’s complaints rooted from an opening dance segment performed on January 18 in the noontime show EB,  which featured actresses Pauleen Luna, LJ Reyes, and Ryza Cenon, together with their back up dancers, all dressed like nurses. President Tong-an condemned what he described as the ‘improper and inappropriate wearing of nurse uniform and cap’ in the said dance number. Below is a full copy of the complaint letter:

PNA's complaint over Eat Bulaga

The Philippine Nurses Association or PNA calls on the attention of MTRCB for Eat Bulaga’s ‘improper and inappropriate wearing of nurse uniform and cap’ during an opening number last January 18, 2014. Eat Bulaga has yet to give its statement regarding this issue. (Photo from “Stop Making Nurses Work Without Salaries” Facebook Page)

According to the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses, Article III, section 11, nurses are prohibited to engage in activities that might “demean the image of the profession like indecent exposure, violation of dress code, seductive behavior, among others.” This also coincides with the 2006 DILG Memorandum Circular signed by former DILG secretary Ronaldo V. Puno, who emphasized that “all City and Municipal Mayors are enjoined to prohibit the improper display or use of uniform should the practice demeans the image and integrity of the nursing profession.”

DILG Memorandum Circular

Former DILG secretary Ronaldo V. Puno announced in 2006 that all city and municipal mayors are enjoined to prohibit improper display or use of nurse uniform in such that it demeans the image and integrity of nursing profession. (Photo from “Stop Making Nurses Work Without Salaries” Facebook Page)

However, a day after the dance number, a Facebook page named “Stop Making Nurses Work Without Salaries” pointed out that “the three lead dancers are all dancing sexually and keep humping the air,” and that “they have skirts way above the knees,” and at one point shows the underneath of “Ryza Cenon’s skirt when she spins.” The page added that the dancers cap fell to the ground or were thrown away. A two-minute video of the said dance number can be watched here.

Netizen and nurses shared mixed reactions on Facebook after watching the said dance number.

Nurses reaction about Eat Bulaga's dance number

Netizens, especially nurses, share their reaction about the dance number in Eat Bulaga aired last January 18, 2014. (Screen shots from “Stop Making Nurses Work Without Salaries” Facebook Page)

Belittling call center agents?

On the other hand, TCCS host and show creator JM Cruz had bad impression on the pilot episode of TBW aired on January 20, which stars Camille Prats, Rafael Rosell, TJ Trinidad and Pauleen Luna. In his letter published on entertainment blog, Cruz said, on behalf of his fellow agents, that the stars of the program made insulting reference to the call center agents with dialogues such as “hindi ako nag-aral para sumagot lang ng telepono (I did not study just to answer telephone calls),” and “pang-walang pinag-aralan lang yan (that is for uneducated only).”

“We strongly condemn this kind of mockery,” Cruz expressed. “[They have] the nerve of these supposed writers to discriminate against an industry they knew nothing about!”

Cruz added that he, together with other call center agents, felt enraged and violated by TBW’s writers and producers’ “gall to belittle an industry with billions in revenues, [which makes] it one of the chief economic drivers” in the Philippines.

“We will not take these things sitting down; we will pursue this unless mistakes are rectified,” he said.

Excerpts from the afternoon television series can be watched here: After watching, some call center agents also shared their dismay about how call center agents were portrayed in the said soap opera.

Call centers reaction against The Borrowed Wife's pilot episode

Upon watching the pilot episode of GMA’s new soap opera, The Borrowed Wife, some call center agents express dismay over the allegedly degrading statements portrayed in the program. (Screen shots from The Call Center Show Facebook Page)

As of now, MTRCB and GMA Network have yet to release official statement concerning these matters.


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  1. Ito lang po ang aming gustong ipaabot sa kanila.

  2. Walang pinag-aralan? Eh baka mas may higher education pa kame sa mga artistang yan eh, LOL… Saka I think mas mental midgets ang mga scriptwriter ng TV shows kase di mapagana ang mga utak pagdating sa paggawa ng plot eh. PAre-pareho lang. Kambal na separated at birth tas nagkatagpo nung tumanda na(at di naman magkamukha, at all!), magkapatid na separated nung bata at napunta sa mayamang family yung isa at sa mahirap naman yung isa, may masungit na tiyahin na gustong makuha yung mana nung bida, mahirap na manggagawa na maiinlab sa kanya ang mayaman niyang among haciendera, etc. Remember, Imagination is more important than knowledge. Eh walang knowledge tong mga to sa industriya naten eh. Di pa makaisip ng magandang plot. Tularan niyo mga writer sa US, gumagawa ng mga astig na plot, like mafia family, or mga gumagawa ng blue na shabu. MGa ganun! Magaling pa ata akong screen writer sa mga asa channels 2 at 7 eh! Pweh!

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