Daniel Razon shares his thought on Paul Walker’s death

“Kung magmamaneho ka (ng matulin), siguruduhin mong kaya ng dibdib mo. Kung kaya naman ng dibdib mo, siguruduhin mong kaya ng sasakyan mo,” Daniel Razon, host of motoring enthusiasts weekly program Manibela (steering wheel), said in relation to Paul Walker’s tragic death by car accident. (If you will drive at high speed, be sure that your heart can hold it. If your heart can hold it, be sure your vehicle can.)

Razon shared his thought this morning, December 2, on his award-winning morning show Good Morning Kuya (GMK).

Daniel Razon on GMK

During his live morning show GMK, Daniel Razon shares his thoughts on Paul Walker’s death. (Photo video-grabbed from Good Morning Kuya)

“[A]lam mo yung klase ng pagmamaneho… maraming nagmamaneho ngayon kulang sa anticipation. Tapos kung magmaneho parang kutsero… Yun ang manehong kalesa*,” Razon added as a statement of concern for drivers who might experience the same fiery accident. (You’ll know the type of driving. Lots of drivers now lack anticipation. They drive like cochero. That is calesa driving*.)

Paul Walker, who became famous as star of high-octane street car racing movie franchise “Fast & Furious,” died in a burning car crash in Santa Clarita, South California, north of Hollywood, on Saturday afternoon, November 30, at the age 40. Walker was in the passenger seat of a Porsche Carrera GT driven by his friend, Roger Rodas, 38. Rodas lost control while driving the car and slammed into a light pole and tree bursting the car into flames and killing the two instantly. The wreck happened after the two had attended a holiday toy drive for Walker’s charity, Reach Out Worldwide, for the benefit of Philippines’ super typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) victims.

Official FB Page announces Paul Walker's death

Paul Walker’s Official Facebook Page announces his death attracting more than 1.8 million sympathizers as of this writing. (Source: Paul Walker’s Official Facebook Page)

Razon told, when asked by GMK’s co-host Rhena Villamor if he experienced accident, “Wala naman awa ng Dios. Kapag tinitingnan mo ang isang bagay – that’s one of the things I’ve learned – kung paano mo i-observe, kung paano mo gawin, tapos matanong ako. Paano ho ba ang ganito? Paano po ba ginagawa ito?’ Then (I) apply it.” (With God’s mercy, none. If you’re looking on one thing – that’s one of the things I’ve learned – you learn how to observe, you learn how to do it. Then, I was fond of asking. ‘How does this operate? How was it done?’ Then I apply it.)

Razon also shared his childhood experience on how he first learned how to drive using a passenger jeepney when he was yet 10 years old.

Kapag gumagarahe ang mga dyip sa amin na pampasada, kakausapin ko young driver. Sasabihin ko, ‘Manong, ako na maglilinis ng jeep niyo. Iwanan niyo na lang ang susi.’ So, iaatras-abante ko ngayon. Observant ako eh. Natuto akong magdrive na walang nagturo sa akin,” Razon said. (When passenger jeeps were parked, I asked a driver and said, ‘Sir, let me clean your jeep. Just leave the key.’ So, I drove the jeep then, forward and backward, and practiced. I was observant. I learned driving without anyone teaching me.)

Aside from hosting on GMK and Manibela, Razon also initiates various public service projects such as free driving lessons through “Manibela Academy.” Launched in July 2012, Manibela Academy is a mobile learning school which aims to aid Filipinos in learning how to drive responsibly.

[A]wa naman ng Dios natuto ako ng maayos (na pagmamaneho). Ang una kong kotse ay Volkswagen, kulay puti,” Razon added. (With God’s mercy, I learned proper driving. My first car was color white Volkswagen.)

Good Morning Kuya is scheduled from Monday to Friday from 4:00am to 7:30am while Manibela is aired every Friday from 4:30pm to 5:00pm and Sunday from 5:00pm to 5:30pm on UNTV.


*Note: Manehong kalesa or calesa driving is a metaphor for driving with covered eyes, that is to say recklessly or without anticipation. In the Philippines, a calesa (horse drawn carriage) driver or cochero puts cover to his horse’s eyes so he can dominate over the horse and direct it to turn left, right or stop. Reckless drivers are like horses with covered eyes.


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